The holidays are here once again and ’tis the season to be merry. We get to spend time with friends and family. During this time we celebrate different traditions that harken the end of the year and herald in the new year.

But with the holidays comes the abundance of sweet treats and desserts. Translation- lots of sugar! Recent statistics show that the average American consumes over 120 lbs of sugar per year and America ranks the highest in sugar consumption in the western hemisphere. Even though this statistic factors in the year-round consumption of sugar, I have a suspicion that it is around the holidays that people consume a lot more sugar than they normally do.

For people living with metabolic health issues such as pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, the holiday season can be a huge challenge

In this installment of the blog post series, I have compiled articles from the archives in which I have outlined ways for people living with type 2 diabetes to navigate the season and still enjoy the seasonal festivities while maintaining healthy blood sugars.

Blog post 1- Preparation is key

By being intentional and preparing ahead of time, you can make adjustments to your regimen which could reduce the risk of your blood sugars getting out of control. In this blog post, I share seven tips on how to do this.


Blog post 2- Be intentional about increasing fiber

There are myriad reasons to increase fiber in the diet. The standard American diet contains less than 20 g of fiber per day. That is really low. High fiber helps to reduce hunger and food cravings which helps improve blood sugar control by reducing sugar spikes.  This article shares tips on how to increase fiber intake.


Blog post 3- take time for self-care and to destress

The holidays can be stressful. High-stress levels can increase blood sugars through a variety of ways. It’s important to make time for downtime. Here are some tips to help relieve stress.


In summary, you can maintain healthy blood sugars whilst still having fun over the holidays. Yes, it requires some planning and being intentional. And even if you do have occasions where your blood sugars may run high, don’t give up. Analyze , course correct and stay persistent.

Happy Holidays!