How Stress Can Affect Blood Sugar Levels


(Image from courtesy of engin akyurt) Stress can have a bad effect on blood sugars. This is true whether or not you are currently living with borderline or type 2 diabetes. We all know on an intuitive level that stress affects our overall health and wellbeing. Stress also has a huge impact on metabolic health. For many of us, during this covid19 pandemic, this is has been a very stressful time, filled with a lot of uncertainty. At the very beginning of the pandemic, I hosted a webinar called "Thriving Through Change".  During the webinar, I spoke about the different [...]

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The ABCs of living with any chronic illness


A chronic illness is a prolonged illness that is not communicable and which is not expected to resolve. Some examples of chronic illnesses are type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and arthritis. According to the CDC, there are currently about 117 million adult American living a chronic illness. In addition to this number, about 1 in 2 adult Americans live with one chronic illness and 1 in 4 live with at least two conditions. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is a life-altering experience. I know this first hand. I still remember the shock and disbelief reading my results stating [...]

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How stress can cause a ‘broken heart’


Hello there and welcome back, February is heart disease awareness month. In my last article, I promised that I would share how stress can cause heart disease. I recall the first time I met a patient diagnosed with this condition more than seven years ago: She was close to 80 years old. She came in ‘feeling poorly’ for the last few months. Her husband had died from a chronic illness almost 15 years ago, and she never remarried. Despite being afflicted with constant back pain, she still tried to remain active. She attended regular outings of her red hat society and [...]

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Today’s Health Awareness Topic – Women and Heart Disease


February is heart health month. I am committed to helping women, especially women living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, learn all they can to enhance their health and wellbeing. But I have found that a lot of women do not know the facts when it comes to heart disease. Only 54% of women know that heart disease kills more women than breast or lung cancer. According to the most recent statistics by the Centers for Disease Control, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States in women over the age of 35 years. Although the rate [...]

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Today’s Health Awareness Topic: The relationship between your emotions and diabetes symptoms


People living with diabetes  may experience a wide range of emotions on a day-to-day basis. These emotions may range from initial anger, resentment, disbelief, and even denial. At times these emotions can be very intense. Sometimes these negative emotions are inappropriately directed at the healthcare provider who gave the bad news of the diagnosis. Being diagnosed and living with type 2 diabetes does not have to be a stressful experience. Consider that contrary to popular opinion, being ‘stressed out’ does not have to be part of living with any chronic illness including type 2 diabetes. It is predictable that over time, [...]

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Five strategies to help relieve stress this holiday season


The 2016 Holiday season is upon us. No matter your religion or creed, for the most part the end of the calendar year is always filled with lots of activity. The holiday season is filled with lots of activities such as shopping, family gatherings, holiday parties, gift giving , etc. For some the holidays can be perceived as stressful. At times the stress can leave us feeling depleted, overwhelmed to the point that it may even rob us of experiencing the joy of the season. I invite you to consider that it does not have to be that way. Consider that [...]

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