Which is Better- Exercise or Movement?


Spring is finally upon us. For those of us in the northern hemisphere I must say we had quite a challenging winter 2018. What with the polar vortex and all. Even my dogs didn’t look forward to going on their daily walks on those cold days. As the temperatures get warmer and the days get longer there is a tendency for us to want to spend more time outdoors.  Some of us may have packed on a couple of “winter pounds” for a myriad of reasons- less activity, more comfort food, being in “hibernation mode” (I know I have :). And [...]

Which is Better- Exercise or Movement?2020-07-29T16:51:03+00:00

Some of The Myriad Benefits of Exercise


Improves energy Improves memory Improves the mood Decreases depression Decreases anxiety Reduces stress Increases muscle mass Creates a sense of calm Improves psychological wellbeing Builds mental resilience Helps with healthy aging Improves vitality Improves sexual health Improves respiratory function Strengthens the heart Helps build stronger bones Improves sleep Decreases fatigue Reduces joint pain Improves flexibility Improves balance Helps reverse diabetes type 2 Helps with blood sugar control Decreases blood pressure  Improves the Mitochondrial function Improves immune function Decreases inflammation Promotes mindfulness Improves mind-body connection Improves bowel function Helps to reduce cognitive decline Promotes being part of a team Helps to connect [...]

Some of The Myriad Benefits of Exercise2020-07-29T16:51:03+00:00
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