According to a recent CDC report, there are currently 30 million Americans living with Type 2 diabetes. There are an additional 84 million living with borderline diabetes, majority of whom are unaware they have such a diagnosis.

Sadly a lot of people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes experience a sense of overwhelm, shock, despair and resignation. They live in constant fear of developing diabetes complications.

But this does not have to be their reality.

Dr. Eno Nsima-Obot is a board certified internal medicine physician, with over twenty years of experience as a primary care physician. She has earned several patient care awards and recognitions. She noticed that by providing information in an easy to understand way, she was able to motivate her patients living with Type 2 Diabetes to become more engaged about making healthy lifestyle changes.  Naturally this resulted in better control of their blood sugars.

Following the encouragement of a patient and her remarkable success with a cohort of her patients, she published Dr Eno’s A to Z Guide to THRIVING with Type 2 Diabetes”. The book won the 2018 book excellence award in the medical category and is available on as well as other media outlets.

Dr. Eno is available to speak to: Women’s Groups, Health Care Professionals, Insurance Companies, Churches and other faith based organizations, services organizations and retirement groups such as AARP.

Dr. Eno is an engaging down to earth speaker, a trained professional life coach as well as a functional lifestyle consultant for women living with chronic illness such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Speaking topics can be customized based on audience preference, buy may include the following:

  • The ABC’s of Living With Diabetes – How To Make Simple Small Steps From Diagnosis to Action

  • Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible? Exploring Life Style Choices That Can Make a Difference

  • Understanding Type 2 Diabetes – Separating The Facts From Myths

  • Illness versus Wellness – Learning How to Live a Full and Productive Life Regardless of Diagnosis


Dr. Obot is very caring and nurturing and she has a wonderful bedside manner.  She takes her time to explain things to them. She gives advise and helps you make a plan to resolve problems you’re having, not just cover symptoms. She promotes total health and wellness.  Danielle M.

I came to see a doctor for one thing and I ended up finding out a lot of interesting things about myself. Dr. Obot is amazing. She is truly sweet, wise, knowledgeable, friendly, realistic doctor I have ever met. She made my doctor visit feel like a consultation.  J. Batey

Dr. Obot is a phenomenal doctor. Her ability to discern a medical issue, spend time to educate her patients and then develop plan for preventative methods is why I followed her wherever she practiced. She doesn’t just have an excellent bedside manner, she builds relationships. E. Mohn