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“Dr. Obot is very caring and nurturing and she has a wonderful bedside manner. She takes her time to explain things to them. She gives advise and helps you make a plan to resolve problems you’re having, not just cover symptoms. She promotes total health and wellness.”

Danielle M.

“I came to see a doctor for one thing and I ended up finding out a lot of interesting things about myself. Dr. Obot is amazing. She is truly sweet, wise, knowledgeable, friendly, realistic doctor I have ever met. She made my doctor visit feel like a consultation.”

J. Batey

“Dr. Obot is a phenomenal doctor. Her ability to discern a medical issue, spend time to educate her patients and then develop plan for preventative methods is why I followed her wherever she practiced. She doesn’t just have an excellent bedside manner, she builds relationships.”

E. Mohn

“Dr. Obot, I’m very proud to call you a friend, because when I was under your care, I felt safe and was given information regarding my health I knew had been researched, factual, and correct. Diabetes is very complicated. Under your care, I began to understand it much better. I am happy that I encouraged you to write this book so everyone else can get on top of this deadly disease.”

Shirley H.