Post Updated April 29 2019:

For the greater part of my career as a physician, I have always been curious about how to not only inspire my patients but also get them into action.

I noticed that when I informed a patient with type 2 diabetes, it was sometimes received with a sense of resignation. Sometimes the diagnosis was met with indignation. There were times that I had patients using words like ‘not laying claim’ to diabetes.

Well what the latter group of patients would do, was leave my office ‘not claiming diabetes’. They would be gone for a period of months and at times even years before they returned in trouble!

By this time, they had begun to manifest the complications associated with diabetes. I noticed this was particularly the case in my African American patients.

Deep down inside me I knew it did not have to be so!

With that started what would become what I have later come to articulate as my passion in clinical practice.

I could teach people to live powerfully with type 2 diabetes!

If I could dispel the myth that once you were diagnosed with diabetes that you were going to get your legs cut off, have a heart attack, end up on dialysis and then DIE, I felt I was making a difference.

My passion for sharing wellness even in chronic illness was born. Since then I have gone on to complete more than 2 years of training as a life coach with a focus on creating a higher level of wellbeing in the lives of the clients that I work with.

I have spent countless hours coordinating the care of, educating, coaching, counseling championing the efforts of the thousands of patients with type 2 diabetes whom I had the privilege of being their primary care physician.

What I have learned, more than anything it begins with mindset and creating powerful shifts.

I engaged my patients in ways to take control of diabetes and not let diabetes take control of their lives.

The more engaged my patients were, the more they saw positive results. As time went on, I began to think that it would be a great idea to write what I had taught my patients over the years and condense it into a book. I published the first edition in 2011 and decided to revise and update it this year.

It’s finally here….

In this book I will show you how to

  • Understand what is type 2 diabetes and how this is different from Type 1 diabetes.
  • Learn about type 2 diabetes in language that is easy to understand.
  • Not become a STATISTIC of the complications associated with poorly controlled diabetes.
  • Learn about tools that will allow you to better partner with your physician to enhance your wellbeing.
  • Create an unstoppable belief that motivates you to create a powerful life.

But it all starts with your mindset

The first three chapters focus on the mindset of living with a chronic illness such as type 2 diabetes. I am offering a free download in an e-book.

So click here to download the free e-book and let’s start the conversation.

To your health and wellbeing,