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Dr. Eno describes herself as a lifelong learner and has always been passionate about exploring and sharing ways to create and promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She describes herself as ‘a Thrivor’ after a brief brush with cancer several years ago. Following that, she made a personal commitment to more closely ‘walk her talk.’ This led her to discover the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). Delighted that she had finally found her tribe, she completed the intense certification program and, in 2019, became one of only 1200 certified practitioners worldwide. She is committed to working with women over fifty with a particular focus on women of color, and those living with chronic illness, to optimize their health and well-being so that they can experience wholesome lives and fulfill their purpose on the planet.

Dealing Effectively with Grief


This article is a rewrite from an initial blog post I wrote in April 2012 following the transition of my father. I decided to write about the topic of grief again because I recently lost a dear friend and it re-opened the experience of grieving. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is an intensely personal experience and just as no one can prepare you for the myriad of emotions you will experience, no one can or should tell you how to grieve. My father passed through transition on March 17 2012. Despite being a healthcare professional and handling life [...]

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The Holiday Blood Sugar Control Blog Series


The holidays are here once again and 'tis the season to be merry. We get to spend time with friends and family. During this time we celebrate different traditions that harken the end of the year and herald in the new year. But with the holidays comes the abundance of sweet treats and desserts. Translation- lots of sugar! Recent statistics show that the average American consumes over 120 lbs of sugar per year and America ranks the highest in sugar consumption in the western hemisphere. Even though this statistic factors in the year-round consumption of sugar, I have a suspicion that [...]

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Why Functional Fitness is Important for the Female over Fifty


When it comes to living into our golden years, I have become more present to a concept I have fondly coined functional fitness for the woman over fifty. No doubt that it is a broad age range, but I like to think that fifty is a good starting point. What is functional fitness? I describe functional fitness as the ability to be able to perform activities that require some form of movement. If you are still working being able to perform your job duties with little to no impairment. Examples of being functionally fit would include: Being able to carry your [...]

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The Health Maintenance Blog Series


Recently, I made a decision to curate a series of old blog posts that relate to topics that have a common thread so that people who are new to this site do not have to go digging through several years of content to find relevant information. On a personal level, the blog series will also help clients who join our group coaching programs access relevant information. Well, it's almost the end of the year, and if you have not already, it's time to schedule an annual health maintenance examination with your healthcare provider. If you have done that already, bravo. If [...]

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Now I have Type 2 diabetes what am I supposed to eat?


It comes as no surprise that one of the first questions someone newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes asks is “What am I supposed to eat?”. Let’s face it you’ve probably heard over and over again that type 2 diabetes is a ‘disease of lifestyle’. And lifestyle commonly involves food. When it comes to the food choices we make there is a lot of emotional charge attached to that. For some, it may be the way that they have eaten since they were children and this is the only way they know how to eat. Food is a connecting force between [...]

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What are the first steps to take after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?


In my last blog post, I shared one of the common questions I get from patients when they are first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, “How did I get diabetes?”. One of the reasons I became so passionate about teaching patients and clients to live healthy lives with type 2 diabetes was because of the reaction I got when I told a patient they had type 2 diabetes. Naturally, a lot of my patients expressed their dismay. However, what I noticed was some people instantly focused on the complications they could get from diabetes, instead of how they could go on [...]

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How did I get type 2 diabetes?


Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can be a very overwhelming experience. Naturally, those newly diagnosed may have a lot of questions. But one of the most common questions I get asked is 'how did I get diabetes?'  A lot number of people may not have a full understanding of how certain factors as well as lifestyle can put them at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes.  In a recent post -summit survey I performed, several participants responded they wanted to learn more about type 2 diabetes.  For those people who do not have diabetes, this information is still [...]

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How managing your A1c can help you reach healthy blood sugars


When it comes to healthy blood sugar control, the A1C is a vital measuring tool. A1c is the short name for glycosylated hemoglobin. Now, this may sound like a mouthful. It is abbreviated to the A1C to make it easier to understand. The A1c calculated as a percentage point. Blood glucose attaches to the proteins in the red blood cells. The A1C measures the amount of sugars attached to the red blood cells. This is a normal process that occurs in both people with diabetes as well as non-diabetics. The average red blood cell last about 120 days, the A1c can [...]

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Some proven benefits of the ketogenic diet, but is it right for everyone?


I recall when I first started hearing the buzz around going “keto” "ketogenic" ketolife" I was very skeptical. With the roll of my eyes I dismissed it as a soon to be done fad that would blow over. But it didn’t. After my community talks, I’d have a few people stop by and ask my thoughts on going "keto". Again, my response would be I thought it was just another fad and would pass away. And oh by the way if you happened to be someone living with type 2 diabetes, this probably was not for you! How wrong I was [...]

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The Women’s Health Blog Series


Welcome to the second installment of the ‘blog post series’. Whether you are a new subscriber or just happened to stumble on this site through a google search or a referral, the blog post series is a collation of  3-4 prior posts that not only have a common theme but also provide the reader with some very important information.   I have found this to be quite useful when I have to refer clients or people asking me questions about common topics. Blog post 1 It is not uncommon after the age of 50 to develop a low acting thyroid. At [...]

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