Twenty-Nine Million Americans are Living with Type 2 Diabetes!
Dr. Eno will give your audience her A to Z BLUEPRINT for THRIVING in spite of diagnosis.

Dr. Eno, is a board certified internal medicine physician, with over twenty years of experience as a primary care physician, and has a special gift for motivating her patients to become involved and proactive, resulting in healthy lifestyle changes. Dr. Eno delivers information in an easy to understand format with applied tools that offers patients better control of their blood sugars. Dr. Eno has had great success in patient care and has won several patient care awards and recognitions.

Dr. Eno’s remarkable results compelled her to write her soon–to–be released book, Dr Eno’s A to Z Guide to THRIVING with Type 2 Diabetes, available in June of 2017, and other media platforms. Dr. Eno is a sought after speaker, coach and consultant on the topic of living with Type 2 Diabetes.

Topics for media appearances, keynotes, seminars and work-shops:

  • The ABC’s of Living With Diabetes – The 3 mindset changes that transform despair to HOPE.

  • The THREE Differences Between Borderline and Type 2 Diabetes That You Need to Know

  • FIVE Myths That Can be Dismissed About Type 2 Diabetes

  • Your Biology Is NOT Your Biography – Why your facility history does not have to dictate your future.

  • Living With a Chronic Ilness and How to Define a New Normal – FIVE Ways to THRIVE

  • Becoming Empowered Through Diabetes – The paradigm shift that will change your life.

  • The Chronic Illness Effect vs The Wellness Wheel – Learning the 7 ways to live a full and productive life regardless of diagnosis.

  • Living With Type 2 Diabetes – Broaden your focus 3 ways to move past focusing on complications.

  • Diabetes and Family Life – The FIVE ways a diabetes diagnosis can affect the family, and ways to counter any negative effects.

  • Caring For a Family Member With Type 2 Diabetes – The FIVE things you MUST know.

Producers: Dr. Eno is an experienced interview, and an engaging, entertaining and informed guest.

Availability: Chicago, IL or nationwide by arrangement.