THRIVE Group Coaching Program

Dr. Eno's Roadmap to Wellbeing Group Coaching Program

This program is ideal for individuals who are living with a chronic medical illness. It is based on the premise that being diagnosed with a chronic illness does not have to define who you are!  If you are looking for ways to regain your sense of wellbeing and redefine a new normal this program is for you.

Using an online portal and answering a series of insightful questions, participants will be able to create their individual wellness wheel. Participants will have access to the online portal for up to 1 year and will get to work on as many areas that they choose to improve on their wellness wheel during that period of time.

There will be eight group Sessions are held by phone on a biweekly basis. All calls are recorded and participants will be sent a link to access archived calls.

The group sessions will cover a  variety of health and wellness topics such as:

•How to manage daily stress

•Creating a wellbeing checklist

•Spirituality, Meditation and centering

•Time Management

•Energy leaks and how to manage them

•Physical activity to source wellbeing

•Nutrition and nutritional supplementation

•Self Love and Self esteem

The program is designed to help participants develop a working plan to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Each participant is encouraged to seek ways to THRIVE  in spite living with a chronic illness.

Because I am committed to keeping this close and personal despite it being a group coaching program, each group is limited to 20 participants.

Price- $447 for the entire 8-week course.